Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question? Find the answers to the most common Rid Odor questions below.

How does Rid Odor work?

Rid Odor permanently attaches to foul odors surrounding us changing the molecular structure of the odor so it can NEVER be released back into our precious air. The good news is Rid Odor is always killing the odor unless you decide to release the evil smell back in. 

Is Rid Odor safe to use?

Yes. Rid Odor is very safe to use on everything, even on your precious pets. Rid Odor is non-toxic, pH neutral and does not require Personal Protection Equipment "PPE-Free", so there is no need for gloves, masks, goggles, respirator or protective clothing to use.

What kinds of odors does Rid Odor eliminate?

Mold & mildew, human waste, pet odors, tobacco smoke, vomit, food odors, sports equipment and clothes, dead animal smells, body odor and much more.

Will Rid Odor eliminate skunk spray on animals?

Yes. Spray Rid Odor directly onto the animal’s fur and rub it in with a hand or cloth. Be careful not to spray Rid Odor into the animal’s eyes.

How do I treat pet urine with Rid Odor?

Lets think about this...if the pet smell is pretty significant we recommend having the urine extracted. After extraction, lightly spray then leave to air dry. If odor remains after initial treatment lightly spray again. Give Rid Odor time to work.

Dog urine smell (not heavy): Lightly spray and lightly agitate then leave to try and retreat again if necessary.

Cat urine: These critters leave behind one heck of a stench. However, Rid Odor is the solution so make sure to follow these directions. Cat Urine must be extracted (because when dried, it crystallizes)! Lightly spray and agitate then leave to dry, retreat if necessary and sterningly tell your cat NO! 

What can I apply Rid Odor to?

Our odor elimination products can be applied to most surfaces that can hold an odor, such as fabrics, carpets, concrete, grout.  If the products come in contact with wood, discoloring or darkening could take place.  Hard surfaces, such as tile or laminate flooring will not absorb odors so there is no reason to spray our products on them.  However, if Rid Odor does get on these hard surface they could become slick, therefore simply wipe it up.

Will Rid Odor stain?

Heavens no, it's pH NEUTRAL! 

Why is Rid Odor different?

Cause it works! We don't mask odors like other "Odor Eliminators" we get rid of them permanently. 

My odor still exists...what now?

Quit re-introducing the putrid odor! Make sure that you are spraying enough so that it covers the whole area, but you shouldn't over do it. 

What is a malodor?

A FOUL odor you don't want reoccuring or hanging around! It's caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds. 

How do I treat my entire house with Rid Odor?

You can treat your house in a number of ways. If you are planning on treating a large area the Rid Odor Anileator Fogger would be the most effective.  Otherwise, one of our normal spray bottles should do the trick.  

Rid Odor Pro - Pre-Owned
John with Rid Odor introduced us to the Rid Odor Pro product line several months ago. With a fast-paced Pre-Owned sales department, we had a need for quick and reliable odor control at a moments notice. Rid Odor Pro Leather scent filled the bill.
- Jim - Sewell Lexus Pre-Owned Department - Dallas, TX