How Rid Odor Works

How it Works

The active ingredient in Rid Odor permanently attaches to the malodor molecule changing the molecular structure of the offensive odor so it can never again get released into the air we breathe. The good news is Rid Odor continues to work and the existing offensive odor will never come back, unless re-introduced to the environment.

Rid Odor Pro - Loan Fleet
We at Sewell Lexus in Dallas, Texas, have been very happy with the Rid Odor Pro and service you have provided. We have used Rid Odor Pro since January 2009 in our loan car fleet. Rid Odor Pro works quickly so we can get our loan cars back into the fleet much faster than our previous method would. We are happy to recommend Rid odor for others to use.
- Steve - Sewell Lexus Parts Deparment - Dallas, Texas