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We can't help you with your game skills,
but we can make sure you won't STINK!

For years people have had to put up with damp, stinky odors from athletic gear such as hockey pads, skates, football pads, shoes, athletic bags, and any other equipment or clothing that absorbs sweat.

People across the country are discovering the odor removing power of Rid Odor Sport®.  An advanced formula, developed through years of research and testing gives Rid Odor Sport the ability to power through and eliminate existing organic odors caused by bacteria completely!

You may have tried other odor removing products which claim to eliminate odors and don't.  Rid Odor Sport was formulated specifically to eliminate all existing organic odors.

Simply spray Rid Odor Sport onto pads or fabrics where there is an odor.  Retreat as needed.

Sports Clothing & Equipment
Overnight, the odors that had been in his equipment for months was gone.
- Pat