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Customers coming to you for pre-owned vehicles are looking for a great-looking vehicle, and once they find one they like, they will check out the interior.  However, once they open the door they come face-to-face with the smell of the vehicle's interior, which can be THE selling point or the scaring-off point.

Let's face automobile with a bad odor can be and has been a MAJOR reason why people don't buy certain vehicles on your used car lot.  Vehicles with odors have caused prospective customers to go to your competitors to buy, simply because they don't want a stinker.  Don’t run the risk of losing more customers because other products claim to be odor removers and simply can't get the job done.

Why wait for 30 minutes or longer for your vehicles to have their odors possibly removed?

Rid Odor Pro is used in pre-owned vehicles, all over the country to eliminate those really tough odors such as cigar/cigarette smoke, excessive body odor, leftover food, pet odors, musty smells from wet carpets and even nasty-smelling air vents quickly and easily.  

In less than 3 minutes, Rid Odor Pro can be completely applied to the entire interior of the vehicle, including the A/C system and trunk with no clean-up.

Take a few minutes and watch the Vehicle Instructional Video and see how easy Rid Odor Pro is to use and how quickly you can turn a stinker into a fresh and clean smelling vehicle.

"The Exterior gets their attention, but the Interior SEALS THE DEAL!"

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I tried other products, but nothing worked...It was simple to use, took less than 10 minutes and it worked great!
- Doug