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Let's face it...People do not always hit the intended target and splashes happen!  

Bathrooms are the #1 area which people complain about odors in all kinds of establishments, such as: restaurants, bars, office buildings, shopping malls, stores/shops, gyms, schools, gas stations and so much more.

We have the cure for those odors.  No, we can't help peoples' aim, but we can absolutely get rid of the odors!  Our odor elimination products won't cover up the odors like most other products, Rid Odor WORKS.

Rid Odor is specifically engineered to electro-staticly seek out and permanently attach it's molecules to the odor molecules, changing the malodor (the stink) to a non-odor.  Once this has been accomplished, the malodor has been completely neutralized.

We have also made sure the product can also soak into tile grout where odors are normally trapped, and attack the odors at the source.  Rid Odor is biodegradable, eco-friendly, easy-to-use and does not require personal protection equipment to apply.

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Residential Treatment Centers
Thank you for providing Timberline Knolls with the opportunity to use Rid Odor. Electrical air fresheners were previously utilized to address any unwanted odors and were replaced with Rid Odor. It proved to be a worthy adversary for the electrical air fresheners, as it eliminated the odor as opposed to slightly masking the odor temporarily. I would highly recommend Rid Odor as an odor eliminator.
- Michelle Cook - Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Centers - Illinois