Industries: Smoke Restoration

Just because the fire is out, doesn't mean your going to be odor-free.

Rid Odor is the SOLUTION!

Rid Odor eliminates the smoke odor caused by fires in the home, nearby forest fires, leftover cigar and/or cigarette smokers. Our namesake product, Rid Odor, is a simple, fast, economical and safe-to-use throughout the entire house, building, office and HVAC systems.

Rid Odor can be applied by various application tools, works fast and lasts.

Commercial customers: Please call us @ 817.424.5900 x2 to order or for more information.


Wet Dive Suit
I don't know if you dive, but when you get back from a trip, your wet suit smells terrible from the salt water. I used some of the product on my stuff last week and it took care of the smell. Usually I have to soak it in the tub for days.
- Bob Kulick