Industries: Smoke Restoration

Just because the fire is out, doesn't mean your going to be odor-free.

Rid Odor is the SOLUTION!

Rid Odor eliminates the smoke odor caused by fires in the home, nearby forest fires, leftover cigar and/or cigarette smokers. Our namesake product, Rid Odor, is a simple, fast, economical and safe-to-use throughout the entire house, building, office and HVAC systems.

Rid Odor can be applied by various application tools, works fast and lasts.

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Household Tobacco Smoke
We treated the rooms, the air circulation system in the house and it successfully eliminated the tobacco smoke smell throughout the house. We then had her car treated with Rid Odor Pro which also completely eliminated the smell of cigarette smoke in her car. When she came home from the hospital to see the smile on her face was priceless, as she was absolutely amazed that the smell of years of cigarette smoke was eradicated.
- Michael