View the informational video guides that we have created to educate you on the impact and application of the Rid Odor® product line.

Rid Odor Pro is the perfect product for vehicle re-sellers to treat the interior of EACH vehicle quickly and inexpensively so every vehicle smells exactly the same.  A salesperson once told us, "The Exterior (of the vehicle) gets their (the customer's) attention, but the Interior SEALS the deal!"  That being said, the particular dealership for which the salesperson stated this uses Rid Odor Pro in every single vehicle for consistency throughout their entire pre-owned inventory.  Since the dealership started using Rid Odor Pro, they have less walk-off and more sales of their pre-owned vehicles.  Rid Odor Pro proves to re-sellers all over the country that putting it every single vehicle not only makes the inventory smell consistent, but it helps to easily sell more vehicles, whereby paying for itself almost instantly.  Use Rid Odor Pro - Sell More Vehicles!

Rid Odor presents the Instructional How-To video for our vehicle product called Rid Odor Pro. In less than 3 minutes a malodorous vehicle can be treated with Rid Odor Pro and come out smelling fresh and clean, never to return again unless re-introduced with necessary cleanup. Bad smells such as cigarette & cigar smoke, food, pet, body, mold & mildew smells in your car will be a thing of the past after having your vehicle properly treated with Rid Odor Pro. Rid Odor Pro has been tested and certified by a top forensic laboratory and has received certified test results showing it not only removes odors, but also kills mold, mildew, germs and common viruses found throughout the vehicle cabin, trunk area and even the A/C system. Rid Odor products are the ultimate odor elimination solution to eliminate the smelly problems associated with cigars and cigarettes, smoke, food, body, pets and much more. Our products can be safely and effectively used in vehicles, hotels, homes, apartments, offices and more. Trust in Rid Odor!

Simoniz USA Inc. ha hecho un trabajo fantástico de crear un tutorial sobre el uso correcto del producto Olor Pro deshacerse y la herramienta de aplicación.

Simoniz USA Inc. has done a fantastic job of creating a tutorial on the correct usage of the Rid Odor Pro product and Application Tool. Here is the video in Spanish.